Idle Hands

by Shadow of Everest

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released June 9, 2017

Guitars & Vocals: JV
Bass: Shaun Cowell
Drums: Matt Burton
Additional guitars on track 7: Corey MacNeil

Recorded at:
Echo Chamber Audio
Housefire Records
The Crack Den
Mixed and mastered by Isaac Kent at Housefire Records
Initial drum mix by Jaad Stewart
Produced by Johnathan Vriend and Isaac Kent

All songs written by Shadow of Everest
Lyrics by Johnathan Vriend
Cover photo by Sambino's Photography
Cover model: Amber
Cover fonts by Stephen B. MacDonald Art & Design
Additional photo editing by Lex Coulstring
Art layout by Johnathan Vriend



all rights reserved


Shadow of Everest Halifax, Nova Scotia

Shadow of Everest (SoE) is a Canadian progressive metal band from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Formed in 2014, the band’s line-up currently consists of guitarist/vocalist JV, bassist Shaun Cowell and drummer Matt Burton. The band has been compared to such massive artists as Tool, Black Sabbath, Queens of the Stone Age and Pink Floyd. ... more

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Track Name: Sagarmatha
Swallow a river, inhale the sky
It’s easy to hunt them with blood in your eyes
Heads of a mountain, eye of the moon
For whatever you hunger you will consume

Upturn the world and no one’s safe
You’ll be digging your own grave

Feared by the masses with none who oppose
Your influence reaches as far as you’re known
Creature of nature abandoned by time
The bigger you are the harder you die

Upturn the world and no one’s safe
You’ll be digging your own grave
Inside a tomb of ice and stone
You’ll spend eternity alone
Track Name: Idle Hands
Starving for a wicked storm to swallow like a pill
Dangle death before my eyes so I can feel her chill
Rip away those placid dreams because you know what’s best
Suppress the boredom sitting like an anchor on my chest

Suddenly you’re in too deep
She is not who she claims to be
Don’t believe in the truth she sews
Just take comfort in the lies you know

I can tell when she is creeping, crawling on the floor
Ever getting what she’s wanting then she’s after more
Patience wears a Chelsea smile underneath her guise
It’s your hands she’s after her charity implies
Track Name: Senseless
Alone in the dark, alive in the fire
Reason is lost to desire
Be the one to cast the stone
For what reason you don’t know
Spare me from it all
I don’t want to be involved

Let’s be senseless just fire the gun
Focus on what’s meaningless to watch the world burn

It’s unsettling to know
Just how far this could go
Blind ambition, trade war for truth
Tie your tongue, hang your head
Will that lead you to refuge?
Close your eyes if you’re prepared
And hope like Hell that you get there
Track Name: Holding On
It’s harder than I imagined
Taking the road less walked
But not for a second do I wish I had not
Sometimes I wonder
Where will I end up?
If I reach the finish line will that be enough?

Here I am barely holding on
Making it up as I go along
If I wait ‘till it all comes clear
Time will end and I’ll still be standing here

People keep their distance
From all that they reject
Though I feel like one of them I just can’t connect
Deep within the chaos
We are being judged
If the flood is meant for all of us why do we hold a grudge?
Track Name: The Victim
Open and trusting, brutal and lusting
Face of a beauty, fucked in the psyche
I see through all your petty lies
One more makes no difference
You’re so far from innocent

Eyes toward the sky
Holding out your hand
Playing the victim
Desperate for a plan

Cold and collected, never rejected
Bleed like a martyr, still just a liar
I don’t know who you think you are
Waving around your arrogance
Kill your candor I can’t take it anymore
All I see is your malevolence
Track Name: Sinner's Train
I stare down the night, hold my own
Drift the rails ‘cause I don’t have a home
Hang my head so nobody can see
That I’m a sinner, a thief among thieves
I haven’t had to pay my time
I’m not about to change my mind

Now my time’s up, the bell will toll
Late at night, screaming like a lost soul

Keep rolling dice and I will end up dead
Don’t like the look of where I’m headed
The perfect moment often slips away
Fortune only smiles if you pay

I’ve been honest and I’ve been a deceit
I’ve made mistakes that I don’t want to repeat
I don’t know that I could ever retire
I’m a man with a lot of desire
Happiness don’t last forever
Even if you make a deal with the Devil

Now your time’s up, you’re broken in the rain
And he will only smile when you’re in pain

Once a crook you can’t get enough
The hours are long but the work ain’t tough
Days to years for me it’s all the same
Riding on the Sinner’s Train